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Landscape Construction

Let Lush Landscaping SA help you realise your property's potential. Getting the very best out of your property takes more than adding plants, here, there and everywhere. Our landscape designer and hard-working landscaping team will review your existing garden and design coherent and practical solution that will bring years of enjoyment to you, your family, and visitors - and be proud of.

At Lush Landscaping SA no job is too big or small, we can manage your property entirely 'in-house', eliminating the difficulty for you to try and coordinate several independent contractors on the one site.

We work closely with our clients at every stage of the design process to provide: 

  • Original concept plans
  • 3D imaging
  • Planting designs
  • Resource and building consent documents
  • Consent processing
  • Detailed construction drawings
  • Irrigation and lighting plans

At Lush Landscaping SA we also provide a wide range of services, which icnlude, but are not limited to - property care and upgrade of gardens, garden maintenance and plant sourcing.

Hardscape Services

Our design and implementation teams are fully integrated providing our clients with a professional and cost effective service, and we have experience in managing and implementing complex landscapes. Each project is carefully managed, all work is priced, scheduled for efficiency, built to high standards and worked to timings and budgets.

Our Landscape Construction team specialises in hard landscape and construction working on bulk earthworks, drainage, retaining wall constructions and paving. We also carry out all machinery works on our construction and installation projects. 

You can expect excellent service in all aspects of construction:

·         Retaining walls

·         Paving

·         Excavation & Digger work

·         Driveway preparation

·         Garden lighting

·         Water features

·         Irrigation

·         Drainage services

·         Soil removal & installation

·         Plant installation

·         Lawns

·         Ground Preparation

·         Fire pits

·         Outdoor Heating

and anything else you dream up!

We ensure that your outdoor living area is a tasteful and elegant extension of your home. Lush Landscaping SA provides you with a high-quality, artistic, hassle-free service that combines beauty and function.

Water Features

The magic of water can be added to your garden by means of a small water feature providing visual and aural interest.  Whether you have space for a huge pond or just a shallow water feature, abundant wildlife will quickly be attracted to the garden to use it.

We can provide you with a natural pond or stream, formal garden pond or a stylish contemporary sculpture. Whether it be a water emerging out of a simple rock or fountains of many different styles, lighting will always add to the special effect of any water features.

Water features can be custom-built or off-the-shelf, depending on your budget.

Retaining Walls

When short on space, or if you own a sloped section, retaining walls can provide new usable areas plus increase the safety and stability of your property.

Retainer Walls can be made any size or length, from a multiple of materials and shall be installed in accordance with all building codes and retention system regulations. Our team at Lush Landscaping SA love being part of our retainer wall projects and have the expertise to ensure everything is constructed to correct standards.

Additionally, Lush Landscaping SA can construct custom made raised retained garden beds to compliment your patio or deck area, or to provide an area for a vegie garden. All retainer walls and raised beds are built with full drainage systems and concrete foundations, to ensure a perfect finished product that is structurally sound and ‘future proof’.


Colours, types, and styles of paving are varied and limited only by your imagination – we are more than happy to provide free paving consultations to assist in any creative decisions as to how your paved areas shall be constructed.

All our paving is laid on an appropriately compacted sub-base (to provide zero movement now and in the future) and each individual paver is locked into place (to prevent sideways movement and to also stop any moisture or weed growth from appearing in between).

In essence, our paving goes down as flat and hard as concrete, but with a lot more character and aesthetic appeal!


Efficient irrigation uses less water and gives you better results ensuring your lawn, gardens and hedges are always well-hydrated and looking their best. Lush Landscaping SA have their own ‘In House’ Irrigation team. We can take care of your irrigation requirements from design, installation to on-going servicing and maintenance.

Our team will insure that your irrigation system is designed to suit your gardens specific requirements and that the most efficient use of water is always achieved. Our experienced technicians will insure that your system is installed to the highest standards, using quality products at competitive prices.

Our services include:

• All installations, service, repairs and general maintenance
• Intelligent watering systems
• Sprinkler systems
• Drip irrigation
• Bores and pumps
• All watering solutions
• Manual and automatic systems

Our irrigation maintenance service includes adjusting irrigation heads for proper coverage, checking for broken heads and other damage, monitoring the system during growth periods and adjusting the system for winter conditions. We will make sure you have a system that works for your property all year round.

We can also set-up a manual system allowing you control over when and for how long your garden is watered – all this can be done with just a push of a button. Whether it’s just a pop sprinkler your need or large irrigation install we can cater to your needs.

Earthworks & Drainage

The Earthworks and Drainage team at Lush Landscaping SA carry out all machinery works on our construction and installation projects.

Our team of experienced staff operate a range of machinery in tandem with our landscape and construction teams, working on bulk earthworks, drainage, retaining wall construction and rock placement.

Lush Landscaping SA operate a range of equipment, supported by a range of trucks and other specialist machinery covering an impressive array of tasks, both large scale or limited access sites.

Outdoor Lighting

Well-designed outdoor lighting can provide dramatic impact and featuring of focal points, as well as providing practical illumination of access routes and for security. Lush Landscaping SA can suggest and provide lighting designs which will create a unique ambiance to suit each individual property.

All lighting systems are installed professionally by qualified personnel including carefully selected electricians.

We also offer a maintenance service for your lighting system which ensures that it is always working, bulbs replaced and fittings adjusted.

Landscape Maintenance

Although our landscapers can provide a complete landscape design, landscape construction and garden planting service, it’s unlikely that your garden will stay looking as great as it does without regular garden maintenance.

Our gardening team can come to you on a regular basis, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and take care of your residential and commercial garden maintenance needs.

Using the correct equipment means your landscape is maintained more cost effectively, giving your landscape year-round appeal.

Talk to us about a maintenance schedule that will suit your budget and timetable. You too can enjoy the benefits of a garden that you, and your friends, can enjoy throughout the year.

 Talk to us today about transforming something ordinary into something wonderful.

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