Soft Landscaping Services

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We have the professional landscaping solutions that you can trust

Lush Landscaping SA offers skilled tradespeople and quality services for residential, commercial, industrial and rental properties, estates and lifestyle properties, schools, churches and retirement villages. We work successfully with home owners, landlords, property and building managers, body corporates and real estate agents.

As the softscape side of landscaping, the gardens and lawns are the final part installed of any project and are both important in complimenting any landscape construction already completed, to give it all an appealing finish as an outdoor living area.

Garden Maintenance - The key to a successful garden!

Good maintenance is the key to keeping your gardens flourishing. Plants are vulnerable to pests, diseases, and climatic change, and adequate care is needed to ensure they get the nourishment they need. 

Lush Landscaping SA’s Garden Maintenance team specialise in the care and well-being of plants and lawn areas in subdivisions, residential, commercial and office environments. No job is too big or too small – we can help you with all your garden maintenance needs and we also offer on going garden maintenance services with tailored property care packages if required.

Our services include:

  • General maintenance - weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or as a one-off property tidy up
  • Identify pests and disease management
  • Weed control
  • Trimming,training and detailing plants
  • Preserving trees and shrubs
  • Seasonal pruning as required by specific plants
  • Care and management of water features and ponds
  • Mowing and edging
  • Removal of garden waste and debris from hard surfaces around your home
  • Hedge trimming
  • Blowing of paths and drives for leaves
  • Planting
  • Lawn care
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Mulching
  • Fertilising
  • Irrigation
  • Creating a low maintenance solution for long-term success

Lawn Services

Our friendly lawn care team can help keep your lawns looking great.

Lush Landscaping SA provide a complete lawn care service from edging to broad acre mowing, utilising a range of equipment to suit the terrain and customer requirements.

We operate a wide range of mowing equipment that allows us to mow everything from small residential lawns to large sections and rural holdings. Our services include:

  • New lawns - preparation and sowing
  • Lawn mowing - large and small scale
  • Lawn renovation - for improved quality
  • Instant lawn - preparation and installation
  • Weed and pest control - lawns
  • Lawn maintenance - maintenance programs
  • Vegetation control - on hillsides and sections to reduce fire risk

Planting Plans

Our planting plans reflect our specialist skills and an in-depth understanding of the art of design combined with our expert knowledge about how to cultivate plants. Lush Landscaping SA can come up with a garden planting plan that suits you and your budget. We’ll draw up a scale plan of your garden showing exactly what plants go where and how many of each you’ll need. Plant choice is done in consultation with you – we all have our favourites and it’s your garden!

To ensure that you are completely aware of everything involved in the project, you will receive a plant list, price and our friendly expert advice.

Tap into our expert knowledge of which plants will survive and thrive best in your garden.

Garden Creation

Once the planting plan has been completed, the garden can be installed. Successful gardens require an understanding of local soil conditions and microclimates. Plant selection, drainage, soil preparation and irrigation are critical elements to be taken into consideration when creating a garden.

Lush Landscaping SA has the experience and expertise to deliver customised solutions for your garden’s specific needs.

Garden Renovations

Gardens are dynamic entities, forever changing and ageing. As plants mature and grow there is a periodic need for refreshment and renovation.

At times, it is appropriate to work within the framework of an existing garden, to reinvigorate the soil and undertake replanting as required. This can often have the effect of delivering a new garden with added appeal in a cost-effective way.

Garden Tidy-Ups

If your garden has become overgrown, or you have a special occasion around the corner, allow us to restore your garden to its former glory by shaping and pruning of shrubs and hedges, general dead heading and garden bed clean ups as well as lawn renovation.

Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Trees are a considerable investment, adding to the value of your property.  This means it’s important to look after them and keep them looking their best.  Lush Landscaping SA can provide a comprehensive and professional tree care service, or we can recommend, supply and install the most suitable trees and shrubs for your type of property and conditions.

Our tree care service includes:

  • Tree trimming, shaping and formative pruning
  • Height reduction work
  • Tree planting and transplanting
  • Tree crowing
  • Chipping services
  • Fruit tree care


Hedges can very quickly get out of hand, particularly formal hedges. To look their best, they need to be maintained on a regular basis. A light trim every two to three months will ensure they always look neat and don’t become difficult to manage and require a more complex full renovation prune.

Hedges of flowering plants in particular benefit from regular trims to help good flower growth and clear away any dead flowers. Or, if you prefer, we can provide a one-off trimming and shaping service.

Edible Gardens

If you are wanting to incorporate vegetables and herbs, or include fruit and nut trees and berries in your garden, Lush Landscaping SA can advise, plant, irrigate and maintain. This could include us providing just a planting plan or our full service. To achieve a successful edible garden, you will need fertile soil with effective drainage, sufficient sunlight and a regular watering system and spray regime.

Tap into our expertise with:

  • Vegetable and herb gardens
  • Edible landscapes (fruit and nut trees, berries)
  • Organic systems

Garden Furniture, Pots & Planters

These elements can convert the garden into an extra room, adding comfort and interest. They can be practical, bespoke or highly decorative.

Lush Landscaping SA can supply a range of quality outdoor pots or furniture to suit most situations and budgets. Artfully positioned, pots and planters can soften and decorate the smallest patio or balcony.

Garden furniture adds to the comfortable use of your outdoor living space. Lush Landscaping SA can source ‘off-the-shelf’ options or design and build outdoor furniture to best suit your al fresco living needs.


We can also supply and install robust large or customised planters and pots for commercal sites Adelaide-wide, including carparks, foyers, cafes, restaurants, office blocks, footpaths, etc.

Please feel free to contact us if there are any further Commercial or Residential services you require that may not be listed here.