5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Pool Cover

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Considering purchasing a pool cover is a smart idea at any time of year, but with winter just around the corner it is especially wise to understand the advantages to keeping your pool covered. If you’ve invested in a pool, it is worthwhile investing in protecting it and making it more economical for you. The Benefits of Pool Covers

There are many benefits of keeping a cover over your pool when it’s not in use, and many of them help save you money!

  • Save on Water A pool cover can significantly slow down evaporation, which means reduced water use.
  • Reduce Chemicals It can cut down on chemical use by up to 60%. Keep Warm Whether it is a winter cover or a solar blanket, a pool cover can help your pool retain heat that would otherwise be lost overnight. Solar blankets work to heat your pool during the day.
  • Less Maintenance Covers will help you cut down on maintenance and labour by protecting your pool from foreign debris (i.e. leaves, twigs, insects etc). Likewise, you will not need to vacuum as frequently.
  • Energy Efficiency A pool cover saves energy (whether your pool is heated by electricity, gas, or solar).
  • More Money in Your Pocket It saves you cash! A cover lowers your heating bills, chemical use, and water use, making it a worthwhile investment with immediate benefits. For those colder months when you might be less likely to use your pool, a cover is an economical decision. And with its heating benefits, blanketing your pool may be a valuable way to encourage you to use your pool more often despite the winter chill! With our quality, made-to-fit solar blankets it’s easy to keep your bases, and your pool, covered.

And to experience those immediate savings, we can have your pool blanket measured and fitted within two weeks. Just contact us today to get started!