Debris Cover

Pool Covers

Along with the pleasure of owning a family swimming pool, there is a constant need for regular maintenance to keep the water fresh and celan. A specially designed cover, properly installed, will seal off the pool and reduce maintenance costs by protecting chemicals from the effects of sunlight, while keeping out dust, leaves and twigs. We supply and install pool covers from Walco, which are proudly made in South Australia, and are manufactured from reinforced vinyl. The material is specially formulated for outdoor use (UV stabilsed), is mildew and rot resistant. All seams are high frequency welded and every pool cover is custom-made to ensure a precise fit.

The benefits includes:

  • Keeps leaves and debris out - leaves and debris are not in contact with the water, therefore, they will most likely blow off in the wind. If necessary this process can be assisted using a broom or garden blower.
  • Saves cleaning time - stops twigs, leaves and debris from fouling the pool water
  • Reduces algae growth - the cover has a high shade rating, reducing algae growth
  • Less chemicals required - due to there being less particle matter to absorb the chlorine and less sunlight to bleach it out.
  • Reduces evaporation - pool covers reduce evaporation because they protect the water from any surface wind.
  • Increases safety - helps prevent children failling into the pool.
  • Prevents ducks from accessing the pool.
  • Ideal if you like the convenience of 'closing your pool' for winter.


The pool covers come in the following colours:

  • Ocean Blue
  • Teal
  • Olive Green
  • Heritage Green

Contact us for expert advice on selecting the correct pool cover to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Mesh Pool Covers

The Mesh Pool cover is smart, lightweight and effective, making it a popular choice. The mesh leaf cover is suitable for all domestic pools and will prevent dirt, leaves and other unwanted objects getting into to your swimming pool.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces maintenance
  • Ideal to protect your pool from all debris.
  • Helps to reduce chemical use 
  • Prevents ducks from accessing the pool
  • Does not puddle rainwater - will allow rainwater to still go through to your swimming pool
  • Lightweight custom made to any shape
  • Best used through the winter months to stop twigs and leaves from fouling the pool water
  • Available colours: blue and green.

 Contact us for expert advice on selecting the correct pool cover to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Pool Cover Pumps for Winter Maintenance

Winter pool cover pumps are a great tool to help keep the water off both mesh and solid covers. The pump helps keep the water level at the optimal height for pools with mesh covers where the water drains into the pool, while the pump prevents unsafe water accumulation on solid pool covers. While you can do this by creating a simple siphon with just a garden hose, using a cover pump will make the job so much easier for you. Cover pumps sit atop your pool cover and pump water off its surface after it reaches a certain level.

Benefits of the Walco Cover Pump include:Walco Cover Pump

  • Removes unwanted water from the top of pool covers automatically
  • Simple garden hose connection
  • 10 metres of electrical cord including 12V transformer
  • Ballast included

Remember, proper winter cover maintenance will make for a very easy spring opening, and will save you time and money.

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Pool Cover Reels simplify putting the cover on and off the pool by reducing drag and extending the life of your pool cover. Swimming Pool Cover Reels come in various forms. There is a Swimming Pool Reel to fit most pools!

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