Preventative Maintenance Services

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Preventative Maintenance

Smart Maintenance SA provides preventative maintenance programs for clients throughout Adelaide to identify problems and fix them before they arise.

Our team have the expertise to ensure your building meets all health and safety standards, that a full building maintenance program is conducted from floorto ceiling and that all repairs are undertaken efficiently and thoroughly.

A preventative maintenance program can ensure problems are fixed before they arise, saving you money and time. Leaving building maintenance until need to have repairs done is inefficient and the down-time it causes can be costly.

Our team preent problems arising, whether it be an ongoing issue with water damage or general damage to your property. We can put in place preventative measures to eliminate/reduce damage to the interior/exteriour of any building whether itbe your commercial or residential property.

Even the smallest re-occurring issue can not only cause a waste of time but also loss of profit. Let us at Smart Maintenance SA raise your profit and reduce your headaches.

In a nutshell, we keep your property safe, secure and looking good. 

Scheduled Maintenance

At Smart Maintenance SA we will design a scheduled maintenance program to suit your needs and budget.

For a set cost, we will visit your property regularly in the pre-determined timeframe, as frequently as weekly or as little as one a year, to conduct a thorough inspection from floor to ceiling, inside and out.

Out team can undertake any identified repair work before it becomes a problem, saving you downtime and expensive repair bills.