Car Park

Your car park is often where your clients or customers first enter your premises so a clean, smart looking car park gives a good first impression.

Regular car parking cleaning also makes a parking facility much safer for patrons, because accumulated oil spills, soot, dust and debris can increase the risk of slips and falls. By elminating these materials and maintaining surfaces in good condition, injuries and possibly even legal action can be minimised if not eliminated.

For a safe parking environment, our services include sweeping floors, cleaning oil spills, repainting markings, repairing potholes, pick-up litter, clean walls, lifts, stairs, booms and ticket machines.

Using our comprehensive car park cleaning services, you can have a cleaner and safer car parks in a shorter space of time.

We can provide a regular service to these areas, from daily to weekly service depending on your requirement.

Our team are happy to undertake any job, large or small so please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have, and to arrnage your free quote.

Swimming Pool Services

Pool & Property cover the complete A-Z of swimming pools and spas and aim to offer prompt and affordable services to all our valued clients. We are the experts in all aspects of residential and commercial swimming pool servicing and maintenance, pool equipment installation and repair, water testing, chemical advice and problem diagnosis. Some of our most popular services are:

Pool/Spa Valet/Maintenance Plans

From on-site water analysisto a fully inclusive valet and chemical services. Our valet team service everything from Swim Schools to plunge pools, so no job is too big or small.

  • Green pool treatments - we guarantee we can clean any pool no matter how bad.
  • One off valet and 'on holiday' valet - no job is too small. We will tailor these visits to your requirements. From just making sure there is enough water in the pool to full valet treatments.
  • Valet programs - from test and balance to all-inclusive full valet's we have a program that will fit your needs and budget.
  • To suit the budget - 'chemical only' plans.

Complete Range of Chemicals

For the "do-it-yourself'er" we supply the best brand of chlorine compounds, wet and dry acids, algaecides, shocking and balancing chemicals - and we can deliver to your door!

New Equipment Sales and Installations

We supply, recommend and install the best brands of swimming pool accessories and equipment for your pool, including pool filters, pumps, liners, solar covers, chlorination systems, timers, automatic pool cleaners, skimmers, and a range of pool accessories.

Pool and Equipment Repairs

We supply the best and service the rest - our Mobile Repair Service team can repair pools, spas, pumps, filters, pool fencing, lights, heaters and plumbing.

Don't let your water turn bad with the weather, allow our technicians to keep your pool looking spectactular all year round! For more information on our full range of services contact us today.


soft landscaping hedges

We have the professional landscaping solutions that you can trust

Lush Landscaping SA offers skilled tradespeople and quality services for residential, commercial, industrial and rental properties, estates and lifestyle properties, schools, churches and retirement villages. We work successfully with home owners, landlords, property and building managers, body corporates and real estate agents.

As the softscape side of landscaping, the gardens and lawns are the final part installed of any project and are both important in complimenting any landscape construction already completed, to give it all an appealing finish as an outdoor living area.

Garden Maintenance - The key to a successful garden!

Good maintenance is the key to keeping your gardens flourishing. Plants are vulnerable to pests, diseases, and climatic change, and adequate care is needed to ensure they get the nourishment they need. 

Lush Landscaping SA’s Garden Maintenance team specialise in the care and well-being of plants and lawn areas in subdivisions, residential, commercial and office environments. No job is too big or too small – we can help you with all your garden maintenance needs and we also offer on going garden maintenance services with tailored property care packages if required.

Our services include:

  • General maintenance - weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or as a one-off property tidy up
  • Identify pests and disease management
  • Weed control
  • Trimming,training and detailing plants
  • Preserving trees and shrubs
  • Seasonal pruning as required by specific plants
  • Care and management of water features and ponds
  • Mowing and edging
  • Removal of garden waste and debris from hard surfaces around your home
  • Hedge trimming
  • Blowing of paths and drives for leaves
  • Planting
  • Lawn care
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Mulching
  • Fertilising
  • Irrigation
  • Creating a low maintenance solution for long-term success

Lawn Services

Our friendly lawn care team can help keep your lawns looking great.

Lush Landscaping SA provide a complete lawn care service from edging to broad acre mowing, utilising a range of equipment to suit the terrain and customer requirements.

We operate a wide range of mowing equipment that allows us to mow everything from small residential lawns to large sections and rural holdings. Our services include:

  • New lawns - preparation and sowing
  • Lawn mowing - large and small scale
  • Lawn renovation - for improved quality
  • Instant lawn - preparation and installation
  • Weed and pest control - lawns
  • Lawn maintenance - maintenance programs
  • Vegetation control - on hillsides and sections to reduce fire risk

Planting Plans

Our planting plans reflect our specialist skills and an in-depth understanding of the art of design combined with our expert knowledge about how to cultivate plants. Lush Landscaping SA can come up with a garden planting plan that suits you and your budget. We’ll draw up a scale plan of your garden showing exactly what plants go where and how many of each you’ll need. Plant choice is done in consultation with you – we all have our favourites and it’s your garden!

To ensure that you are completely aware of everything involved in the project, you will receive a plant list, price and our friendly expert advice.

Tap into our expert knowledge of which plants will survive and thrive best in your garden.

Garden Creation

Once the planting plan has been completed, the garden can be installed. Successful gardens require an understanding of local soil conditions and microclimates. Plant selection, drainage, soil preparation and irrigation are critical elements to be taken into consideration when creating a garden.

Lush Landscaping SA has the experience and expertise to deliver customised solutions for your garden’s specific needs.

Garden Renovations

Gardens are dynamic entities, forever changing and ageing. As plants mature and grow there is a periodic need for refreshment and renovation.

At times, it is appropriate to work within the framework of an existing garden, to reinvigorate the soil and undertake replanting as required. This can often have the effect of delivering a new garden with added appeal in a cost-effective way.

Garden Tidy-Ups

If your garden has become overgrown, or you have a special occasion around the corner, allow us to restore your garden to its former glory by shaping and pruning of shrubs and hedges, general dead heading and garden bed clean ups as well as lawn renovation.

Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Trees are a considerable investment, adding to the value of your property.  This means it’s important to look after them and keep them looking their best.  Lush Landscaping SA can provide a comprehensive and professional tree care service, or we can recommend, supply and install the most suitable trees and shrubs for your type of property and conditions.

Our tree care service includes:

  • Tree trimming, shaping and formative pruning
  • Height reduction work
  • Tree planting and transplanting
  • Tree crowing
  • Chipping services
  • Fruit tree care


Hedges can very quickly get out of hand, particularly formal hedges. To look their best, they need to be maintained on a regular basis. A light trim every two to three months will ensure they always look neat and don’t become difficult to manage and require a more complex full renovation prune.

Hedges of flowering plants in particular benefit from regular trims to help good flower growth and clear away any dead flowers. Or, if you prefer, we can provide a one-off trimming and shaping service.

Edible Gardens

If you are wanting to incorporate vegetables and herbs, or include fruit and nut trees and berries in your garden, Lush Landscaping SA can advise, plant, irrigate and maintain. This could include us providing just a planting plan or our full service. To achieve a successful edible garden, you will need fertile soil with effective drainage, sufficient sunlight and a regular watering system and spray regime.

Tap into our expertise with:

  • Vegetable and herb gardens
  • Edible landscapes (fruit and nut trees, berries)
  • Organic systems

Garden Furniture, Pots & Planters

These elements can convert the garden into an extra room, adding comfort and interest. They can be practical, bespoke or highly decorative.

Lush Landscaping SA can supply a range of quality outdoor pots or furniture to suit most situations and budgets. Artfully positioned, pots and planters can soften and decorate the smallest patio or balcony.

Garden furniture adds to the comfortable use of your outdoor living space. Lush Landscaping SA can source ‘off-the-shelf’ options or design and build outdoor furniture to best suit your al fresco living needs.


We can also supply and install robust large or customised planters and pots for commercal sites Adelaide-wide, including carparks, foyers, cafes, restaurants, office blocks, footpaths, etc.

Please feel free to contact us if there are any further Commercial or Residential services you require that may not be listed here.


selling your home1

Create a lasting impression with attractive garden landscaping to help secure the sale of your home.

All too often, home sellers overlook the importance of first impressions. A first impression isn’t made at the front door, it is made at the front gate!

Lush Landscaping SA can suggest many simple options to bring the zing to your garden. There are many cost effective options to give your property the edge: replanting a lawn, creating an attractive feature garden, or adding a contemporary path leading a prospective buyer to your home. These simple alterations can be the difference between a sold sign and a ‘no thank you’.

Contact us and discover how we can add that wow factor to your home.

garden gnome family

Garden Sitter is a professional Garden Maintenance Service where we look after your garden either for a specified period of time or indefinitely.

Whether you are going on holiday for a day, week, month or year we provide the perfect solution to ensure your garden is watered, free of pests and diseases, weeded and looked after while you are enjoying a break away. We’ll even feed your fish! We guarantee that you will come home to find your garden and lawns tidy and looking fantastic.

Garden maintenance is essential to ensure that all our hard work that has gone into planting your garden does not go to waste. It's easy and helps your garden stay beautiful and under control.

We have qualified garden sitters ready to take care of your garden. We can even help you transform your garden into something you are proud of.

As you can see here, there is a lot to do, but staying on top of things is what matters. So contact us to discuss your garden maintenance services, then sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday.


Commercial Maintenance 2

Making the right impression is an important part of operating a business. Potential customers and clients will view your property as an extension of your business so it is vital that you present your best possible side. Take a moment to think about what your property says about your business?

Our friendly and experienced team has been providing expert landscaping and property maintenance services to Adelaide businesses for over four years and are proud of the exceptional quality of work that we provide.

Whether you are a body corporate looking for an ongoing scheduled maintenance program, or a rental owner requiring a garden clean up, we will take care of it with professional results and at affordable prices.

Below is a list of our popular services:

  • Wetland establishment and maintenance
  • Lawn care
  • Hedge pruning and tree services
  • Weed/insect spraying
  • Maintenance of care parking areas
  • Leaf vacuuming
  • Development of new landscaped areas
  • Planting
  • Paving

Above is a sample of the services we provide. Our team are happy to undertake any job, large or small, so please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have, and to arrange your free quote.


garden maintenance 24

The Key to a Successful Garden is Regular Maintenance


Good maintenance is the key to keeping your gardens flourising. Plants are vulnerable to pests, diseases, and climatic change, and adequate care is needed to ensure they get the nourishment they need.

Lush Landscahping SA's Garden Maintenance team specialise in the care and well-being of plants and lawn areas in subdivisions, residential, commercial and office environemnts. No job is too bit or too small - we can help you with all your garden maintenance needs and we also offer on going garden maintenance services with tailored property care packages if required.

Our services include:

  • General maintenance - weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or as a one-off property tidy up
  • Identify pests and disease management
  • Weed control
  • Trimming, training and detailing plants
  • Preserving trees and shrubs
  • Seasonal pruning as required by specific plants
  • Care and management of water features and ponds
  • Mowing and edging
  • Removal of gardenwaste and debris from hard surfaces aroundyour home
  • Hedge trimming
  • Blowing of paths and drives for leaves
  • Planting
  • Lawn care
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Mulching
  • Fertilising
  • Irrigation
  • Creating a low maintenance solution for long-term success.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed!
Please feel free to contact us if there are any further commerical or residential services you require that may not be listed here.
So allow us to take the pressure off you so you can enjoy your weekends! Our team are happy to undertake any job, large or small so please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have and arrive your free quotation.






 How common and everyday household products can help you handle most of the cleaning problems in your home!

Cleaning Tips

Baking Soda

Cleans, deodorises, softens water, scours
• Odour eater socks - soak freshly washed socks for 30 minutes in 4 litres of warm water and 1/4 cup of baking soda. Spin out in the washer and dry. Do not rinse out the solution.
• To Polish Silver -  use baking soda on a damp cloth.
• With a damp cloth -  remove heel marks from hard floors.
• Easy remove burnt food from casseroles - fill dish with hot water add 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and allow to soak.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works like disinfectant, nature bleach, and effective against most household bacteria
• To remove fruit based stains, apply undiluted lemon juice to clothes, allow to soak for 30 minutes and launder.
• To remove rust from clothes, apply undiluted lemon juice and lay in the sun.
• Brass copper - clean with salt and lemon juice. On a half lemon, sprinkle salt and rub brass or copper, rinse thoroughly. You can also mix salt and bottled lemon juice together.
• Shine chrome - apply lemon juice and buff to shine.
• In a hurry, use a used dryer fabric softener sheet on a dry fixture. As you know you can remove with lemon juice stains from hands, too.
• Using like a bleach - mix 1/4 cup lemon juice and 1/4 cup of white vinegar in 4 litres of warm water and soak clothes for 15 minutes prior washing.

White Vinegar

White Vinegar:  cuts grease, removes mildew, odours, some stains and wax build-up
Borax: cleans, deodorises, disinfects, softens water,cleans wallpaper, painted walls and floors
• With diluted white vinegar (75 % water to 25 % Vinegar) spray on carpets to neutralize pet urine odour.
• With Paste of Baking Soda and vinegar, clean stainless steel sinks. It works great!
• Combining a 1/4 cup of white vinegar with 1 litre of water makes a Window Cleaner in a spray bottle.
• Cleaning Windows Lightly Soiled Windows: 1 cup of vinegar and 4 litres of warm water.
• Extremely Dirty Windows: 1 tablespoon household ammonia, 3 tablespoons denatured alcohol / or vinegar and 1 litre of warm water.
• To save money and get good results dry and polish glass with crumpled newspaper, but do not use this method on plastic glazing.
• With 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, add 2 cups of water – making an Air Freshener in a spray bottle. Shake well before using.
• Combine a 1/2 cup white vinegar to 4 litres of warm water to clean vinyl floors.
• With 1/2 cup Baking Soda and 1/2 cup white vinegar poured down the drain monthly, keeps the drains free flowing. Cover the drain for 15 minutes (it will foam) after pouring in Baking Soda and vinegar. Then flush with cold water.
• With solution of half vinegar and half water clean mirrors. Never spray water onto mirror. Moisture ruins the silvering on the mirror – resulting in dark spots.
• Combing 1 cup Borax and 1 cup vinegar makes an excellent toilet cleaner. Pour the vinegar over the stained area, then sprinkle the Borax over the vinegar. Let soak for 2 hours, then brush and flush.
• Never use vinegar on ceramic tiled floors. It is acidic and will eventually etch the grout.
• Never use a sponge mop on ceramic tile floor. It works like a squeegee, depositing the dirty water into the grout tracks. Use a rag or chamois - type mop.
• Ceramic tiles are not porous, you can clean effectively with warm water.
• A good neutral cleaner is 4 litres of warm water, 2 tablespoons of ammonia and 1 tablespoon of borax.

Wood Furniture

• Mixing a small amount of vinegar with an equal measure of olive oil is an effective cleaner for most wood surfaces.
• Using coaster, placemats, tablecloths is the best defence for your wood furniture.
• Wiping up any spill – especially liquids – right away is of paramount importance.
• Wood furniture needs to be dusted frequently and cleaned regularly.
• Mild detergent and a damp cloth are as effective as almost any commercial product. Commercial polishes, wood cleaners are necessary in only some cases.
• If in doubt, consult an expert.

Deodorizing the Microwave

For the very worst odours, place vanilla extract in a bowl for at least 30 seconds’, and microwave.  Leave the door closed for 12 hours, after, remove the vanilla and wipe down the inside of the microwave.

Carbonated Water/Soda Water

The best emergency spotter is Carbonated and/or Soda Water
• Carbonated water will remove coffee, red wine, soft drinks, and tea stains.
• Lifts any solids off clothes or carpet - pour on the carbonated water, blotting with an old rag until all the colour from the spill is removed. 
• Blot carpet easily by folding a rag and standing on it, turning the rag as it absorbs moisture and discoloration from the spill.
• If you spill on your clothes in a restaurant, ask for a little carbonated water or soda water and use your napkin to blot the stain until it is removed.
• The carbonation in the water brings the offending spill to the surface so that you can blot it up. Sprinkling the stained area liberally with salt (but not too much - or you'll be vacuuming salt up for weeks) will help prevent staining.
• Carbonated water will even work on many old stains, too.

Cleaning Chopping Blocks/Boards

• If you have wooden chopping blocks, you must give them special care. Protect them from spills by coating with a thin film of olive oil and allow to soak in for a few minutes. Rub dry with a paper towel or lint-free cloth. Repeat several times. Do not use the board for 24 hours after oiling. 
• To remove stains, sand lightly with a fine grade sandpaper and re-oil.
• To remove onion, garlic or other odours, rub with a slice of lemon or orange, sprinkle lightly with salt and wipe immediately with paper towel or soft lint-free cloth.

Coffeemaker - Cleaner

• You never want to use soap to clean a coffee machine because it leaves a film that affects the coffee taste!  Instead mix equal parts of white vinegar and water and run through the machine. Let it run through its cycle, then refill with clean water, and repeat.
• Monthly cleaning should be sufficient, unless you have extremely hard-water.  There the mineral build up inside your coffee maker is more of a problem.

Iron - Cleanout

If your steam iron no longer steams, it might be clogged with mineral deposits. Try cleaning with vinegar in the water reservoir, then set the iron flat on an oven rack, adjust the heat setting to "STEAM", and plug in the iron. By the time the vinegar is steamed out, your iron should be clean.

Refrigerator Test

Does your refrigerator have a leaky door gasket?
• Test the gasket by closing the door on a paper bill. If the bill slips out when you tug on it, either the gasket needs replacing or the door needs some adjusting.

Did You Know...

• To make your sponges like new, soak them in salt water overnight, then wash with your towels in the washing machine. Wring out sponges and allow to air dry.
• Gold is very easy to clean using a solution of a few drops of dish soap and water - dip your gold and brush lightly with a toothbrush and rinse.

Cleaning Schedule Advantages

Try to develop a regular cleaning schedule to keep your home consistently clean - it's not as daunting as it sounds! The benefits include:
• Sticking to a realistic home cleaning schedule allows you to feel less stressed - as neat and tidy isn't too far out of reach!
• More opportunities to be hospitable when unexpected visitors drop in - your house won't look like a wreck!
• Gives you extra time to spend with family and friends.
• Your house will be a healthier environment.
• You will not be so worried about a specific problem – like dust on your shelves – when you know it will be taken care of at a later time.
• Most cleaning is easier when done regularly, rather than waiting for it to get dirty.
• Almost all items or surfaces will last longer and look better when lightly cleaned regularly rather than harshly scrubbed infrequently.
• Regular cleaning of many items – carpets, furniture and wood - will delay or eliminate the need for expensive, professional cleaning or restoration.
• You won't burn yourself out on cleaning by trying to get it all done at once.

Finding the Right Cleaning Service

For some people, house cleaning is simply not something they can or want to do. The alternative is to hire a professional, which allows you the time to do the things you ENJOY doing! Here are some hints for choosing the right service:
• Decide what areas of your home needs to be cleaned before choosing a cleaning service.
• Be specific about how often you wish them to visit, ie: weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or one-time assistance on special occasions.
• Contact the potential services to ask if their employees have undertaken background checks and hold a current Police Clearance Check.
• Ask your field of candidates to provide you with a free consultation.
• Avoid letting the "cheapest price" be your determining factor.
• Ask what kind of chemicals the service uses during its cleaning process, or if supplying your own, establish what supplies you will be providing.
• Choose a cleaning service that provides a guarantee of satisfaction.

 Abouts Us2

Commercial & Residential SA has been provided phenomenal service within Greater Adelaide since 2012. We are locally owned and operated and we like to build a close relationship with all our clients in order to make a difference in the overall appearance of their property. We're unique, and we enthusiastically embrace that fact. It keeps us close to our customers, and allows us to respond to their needs much quicker than large companies.

We work in the field of property maintenance, landscape constructions, swimming pool upkeep and facility services, working on both residential and commercial properties. Because we self-peform as much of the work on our wide-range of projects as possible, we are better able to service our customers at competive rates. It is our belief we can maintain better control of safety, quality, schedule and cost by self-performing on our projects.

We enjoy difficult tasks, and thrive on having to think outside the box to come up with a solution that meets both your expecations and budget level. We have an experienced team of trade persons with years of personal experience and who are fully trained in all techniques needed for commercial and residential jobs. Our office staff is friendly and courteous and ready to assist in any way they can to help your service request run as smoothly as possibe.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, it is a technology that is used by our company to create a real separation between us and our competitors. We accurately monitor and record the times for each job and process.

It is more accurate, it is fair, and since its introduction we have realised greater levels of customer satisfaction and agreement with hours charged for work completed.

We are all customers at some stage, and our belief is that there should be fairness in our hourly charge rates and times.

The Commercial & Residential SA Advantage

Our vision is to become Adelaide's premier provider of property, landscaping, facility and swimming pool services.  Below is a few good reasons why you should call us:

  • Reliable and hardworking team - our team will get stuck in and get the job done on schedule and within budget
  • We can tackle any job from a small backyard tidy up, to large commercial landscaping projects
  • We turn up on time, do what we said we'd do, and go the extra mile
  • End-to-end service
  • Professional and friendly service
  • Experienced and knowledgeable trades people
  • Excellent communciaiton throughout your project
  • Peace of mind - we carry full public liability insurance
  • We are locally owned and operated, meaning you only deal with the team who does the work
  • Free quotations - we offer FREE quotes and estimates throughout the Adelaide area

Our Key Philosophies are:

  • Provide customers a professional and reliable maintenance and repair services
  • Provide create and unique options for clients that suit their budgets and lifestyles
  • Be innovative in our approach to providing solutions to clients
  • To be customer focussed at all times
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Be honest, respectful, reliable, friendly, trustworthy and work hard
  • Deliver quality workmanship and craftmanship

Culture & Ethos

Commercial & Residential SA demonsrates the flexibility and agility of a start-up company, as do our employees. Since we have been establihed, we have grown from strength to strength and have expanded our market.

Buidling close working relationships is also an important part of our company culture: by nurturing a long-term successful partnership with our clients, we will be working together for continuous improvement and to add value to the servce we provide by providing a variety of services under the one roof.

Our team can work flexible hours to suit your individual business needs and align with your site-specific safe operating procedures. We truly value customer loyalty and place great emphasis on customer retention which is testament to our long-standing partnerships.

If you are looking for a local, reliable and hardworking team to transform something ordinary into something wonderful – contact us today!

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